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Get ahead of the game and spend your winter in summer paradise. Our recruiters will help you find the highest paying jobs in California! Fill out our Get Started form before July 28th to receive a $100 and be a part of this exclusive offer.

Fly in and meet the Team

Take a complimentary flight to our headquarters in Sacramento and meet the Team. You have the option to choose the quick and easy route (which takes fewer than 5 hours) or if your travel time is over 5 hours, we will check you into a nearby hotel at our expense.

Get your nurse license

Once you land in Sacramento, we will chauffeur you to our office, for our meet and greet, and set you up with no cost medical, dental, and vision benefits. When you’re ready, we will chauffeur you to obtain your LiveScan fingerprints. Next, we will help you obtain your California license and reimburse you at the end of your assignment. This process usually takes 6 months, but we can help you get your license in 6 weeks.

Let the adventure begin

Start your winter assignment in summer paradise and escape the cold! If you have any questions about California, our recruiters are here to help.

Yes! If you work with us you will receive no cost to you United Healthcare insurance Silver plan, dental insurance, vision and reimbursed gym memberships. You will also get a 401K and we match up to 5%

If your total travel time is fewer than 5 hours, we will categorize your travel as ‘quick and easy’.  When you land, we will chauffeur you to our office, greet you with gratitude and refreshments, and when you’re ready, take you to obtain your LiveScan fingerprints.  Immediately following, to the CA Board of Registered Nurses to assist you walking through your license application.

If your travel time is over five hours we will check you into a nearby hotel at our expense.  If time permits the same day we will take you for LiveScan fingerprints, followed by a trip to assist you with the CA RN license application process at the CA Board of Registered Nurses.

Yes; you will be required to work 2 of 3 facility holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, or New Year’s Day).

Request for time off will be ineligible for this program.

While you may not work any of the holidays, you will need to be prepared to work both Thanksgiving and Christmas Day.

You must be flexible to work all days required to satisfy the clinical coverage needs of the unit. No block booking is permitted.

While we will do everything we can to submit you to the shift of your preference, you may be scheduled for your second-choice shift.

It definitely can be!  However, we want to make sure this is the right match for you and the facility both clinically and personally.  To that end, we prefer experienced travelers.

We encourage you to provide three of your top locations of preferred travel.  We will do our very best to assign you to one of those locations, but there is a chance you will work in a location you did not select.  While this is unlikely, it is possible.

Valley will pay a $100 settlement to any traveler who was not offered an assignment, but met all clinical criteria and was willing to travel to any location to work any available shift.

We will do our very best to find an alternative start date.  In the case we are unable, you will be required to repay Valley for all travel costs incurred.

 Valley will be happy to provide an awesome meal for you when you arrive at our office.

Unfortunately, you are not eligible for this program.

Generally, our A List facilities are higher paying and/or in the most desirable cities in California.

Not this program, but we have many to which you can apply.

 This is a very popular program and we expect to have more candidates than open assignments.  While we can’t pay a referral fee for the winter needs program, we will gladly pay a $750 referral fee for assignments started outside of this program as long as the clinician mentions you as her/his referral in the first correspondence with a Valley representative.

You will apply for your permanent license the day you receive your temporary license.  If any of your undergraduate education was at Excelsior college, know that the CA BRN has established the following:

“Excelsior College graduates, like other out-of-state graduates, must meet the requirements set forth in California Business and Professions Code Section 2736, including supervised clinical practice concurrent with theory, in order to be eligible for examination and licensure as a California registered nurse. This eligibility requirement applies to students who enrolled at Excelsior on or after December 6, 2003.”