Valley Healthcare Staffing announced today that it has been named “Best Staffing Firms to Work For” by Staffing Industry Analysts in North America and the UK. The award was measured on 10 key engagement categories including teamwork, trust in senior leadership, manager effectiveness, compensation, feeling valued and benefits.

“At Valley, we pay extraordinary attention in assembling the right team players. We owe it to everyone to make sure their team has continuity so that they have the very best opportunity to be successful.”, says CEO, Steve Swan. “Engagement has become an overused and undervalued word in teams these days, but at Valley, we are extremely earnest about engagement as it drives our business.”

Valley did not stop at offering the best medical benefits in premium no-cost medical, dental, and vision coverage, but they also give their employees 5% match on their 401(k) retirement plan. And, their plan is ranked #20 in the nation, ahead of companies such as Nike or Wells Fargo, achieving a score of 65 using the methodology by Margaret Collins and Bloomberg Rankings. Through America’s Best 401K, Valley can offer low fee, low cost and index funds that enable an employee to retire sooner and with more savings than employees at most other companies.

“With a 5% company match, a broad range of stock, international, and bond index funds, as well as fiduciary and planning by Creative Planning, Valley has clearly committed ourselves to the financial security and connection with our team. No one does what we do to make sure this is the best place to be.”, says Lisa Baker, Valley’s Vice President of Accounting and Finance.
The team at Valley also enjoys culture days every month, free healthy lunches for employees, and their own nutritionist. They always have some contest running to compete for the healthiest of employees.

Walking into Valley, the office looks more like a Silicon Valley startup than a healthcare staffing company with their chalkboard walls, foosball in the lobby, and a trampoline on the sales floor. The high tech theme is not just for appearance; they also leverage software to make sure employees voice their opinions and are recognized by their peers. Using tools such as OfficeVibe and Delighted, the team at Valley can listen and respond to any issues quickly within a forum for all employees to share their input. Coupled with their communication platform using Slack and immediate peer recognition using, the team at Valley has created an environment that has inertia in building and maintaining an engaged company.

Further differentiating Valley is the technology they’ve created to automate much of the marketing, recruitment, and communication for traveling nurses and allied professionals. Initiated in 2014, Valley started designing a system built on that automates job postings to the top job boards, automatically aggregates all open assignments from hospitals and vendor management systems, calculates net pay for every candidate, then sends the assignment information to candidates. This entire process happens in the background twenty-four hours a day.

“Our CEO had a vision to tear down the barriers to being efficient. We have invested tens of thousands of hours developing the very best system among any staffing company in any discipline. If an assignment opens in the middle of the night on a weekend across the country, it automatically flows into our system, collects data about the location, hospital, and unit, calculates the net pay for the candidate, and send it to them seconds later. That assignment is also instantaneously posted to all top job boards allowing us to submit a quality candidate minutes after an assignment is opened by a hospital no matter when that assignment became available, instead of waiting for Monday morning when our competition arrives to their office.”, says Ryan Zaucha, Director of Product Development.

Their success has been conspicuous; happy employees boasting a net promotor score of 81 and financial success well ahead of budget. Steve Swan, built his company with a mission to be an innovative provider of clinical staffing services with emphasis on assembling the ideal team to accomplish it. Valley’s team creates cultural inertia that makes their noble cause easy to support by creating trust, embracing conflict, being committed and being accountable. To learn more about Valley Healthcare Staffing, visit

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