Travel Nursing With Pets, Family, or Both

So you’d like to be a travel nurse, but you have a beloved cat, dog, or a family. Perhaps you have all three. Travel nursing seems like a great way to take Fido, Fifi, or the family on adventure, but is it possible? And how do you do it? You have questions, we have answers.
The good news is that it is entirely possible to travel nurse with pets or family. There’s no need to put off your dream of being a travel nurse for years. The so-so news is simply that it can complicate moving, and finding housing. It can be a stressful experience if not planned well. Here are a few ways to make the transition easier when traveling with pets or family.

You have pets

With many travel assignments, housing will be available for you. Unfortunately, some provided housing setups will not allow pets. Don’t fret, especially in larger cities, it’s easy to find temporary housing on a month-to-month, or temporary basis that will allow you to take your pet with you. Many rentals will charge you a pet fee, or pet deposit. If you choose not to take the housing that is provided for you due to having a pet, a housing stipend is typically provided for you.
When choosing a new travel assignment, you may want to take into consideration how well your pet tolerates travel. If he or she doesn’t tolerate flying, or long car trips, it might be better to consider a new assignment that’s closer, rather than farther. I.e., not driving from California to New Hampshire in several days with a pet in tow. For a pet that doesn’t appreciate travel time between destinations, a move from California to Oregon, or Nevada might be easier.

You have a family

It’s also possible to travel with your family! If your family can’t be accommodated by the provided housing, it’s certainly an option to look for housing yourself. Airbnb, Craigslist, travel nursing groups, and property management companies are good resources to check for temporary housing for you and your family.
If you have school-aged children who aren’t homeschooled and plan on taking one assignment before returning home, it will be easier to travel during the summer months. Fortunately, there are many assignments available year-round.
If taking family with you won’t be a possibility for you due to other circumstances, there’s another option. Many travelers take an assignment within 100 miles of their home, so that on their off days they can return home in a reasonable amount of time to be with their families. Many of these travelers opt to stay in Airbnbs, or hotels while doing this.

Travel nursing is a great way to break the routine and combat burnout while experiencing the world. It’s even better with your loved ones, furry or not. While travel nursing with pets or family will certainly require more preparation than traveling alone, it’s an adventure in itself!