No matter what nursing profession you are in, effective time management can help boost your career and make you a top candidate for any job. In today’s interview with Nurse Mendoza, we talk about how to manage your time as a nurse while on the job.

Here are 3 tips to help you effectively manage your time as a nurse:

Set aside distractions

In today’s world with social media and technology so readily available, it is easy to get distracted. When you are on call, it is important to turn off your phone so you can stay 100% focused on your job. Eliminating distractions can help increase your efficiency so you can provide the best patient care.

Ask for help

It takes a team to care of a patient, so don’t be shy to ask your fellow nurses and doctors for help. Delegating tasks amongst your coworkers can help alleviate stress and help you better manage your time.

Get an early start to your day

Have you ever heard of the saying, “the early bird catches the worm?” Arriving 15 minutes early to work can help you effectively kick start your day. Setting time aside in the morning to reflect and make a plan for the rest of your day will help you stay organized. This will also relieve stress because you will know what is on your plate.

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