There is a high demand for travel nurses in snowbird states such as Florida, Texas, and California (states where retirees flock to).

As these sunshine states continue to grow their elderly population, it drives the high census for registered nurses in intensive care, operating room, and other specialty areas. Per FierceHealthercare, 63% of hospitals use more travel nurses due to nurse shortages. During the winter season from December through March, there is an increase and demand for travel nurses in snowbird states. That’s great news for all travel nurses because there are a plethora of jobs available.

At Valley Healthcare Staffing, we care about our traveling nurses, and we want to make sure your lifestyle, career, and happiness all align. We wrote this blog today to give you insight about the perks of exploring these 3 sunshine states that are all travel-friendly.

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California living, California dreamin’ isn’t just a song by the Beach Boys, it is an experience. California is known for having the best weather in the country, beautiful beaches, and incredible mountains. Not only is California an amazing place to live and explore, but when you are on an assignment with us, you can easily make $40K-$50K per assignment (13 weeks). Fun fact, California is the only state that pays overtime to nurses when working over 8 hours in a shift.

Some concerns in traveling to California is its perspective high cost of living. Don’t worry, our recruiters from Valley Healthcare are all local Californians and they have insight to all the best places to live in California. We offer housing reimbursement and advice on how to get the most bang for your buck.


Everything is bigger in Texas, including the need for travel nurses. Big cities in the Lone Star State, Houston, Austin, San Antonio and Dallas, offer a cushy lifestyle because there is no state income tax and the cost of living is low. If you enjoy amazing BBQ, music festivals, and friendly people, this is the place for you. Grab your cowboy hat and giddy up on your next 13-week assignment making on average $30K to $40K.


If you enjoy nice long strolls on white sand as the breeze of the ocean tickles your face, Florida is the place for you. On your long weekends as a travel nurse, you could play in the warm Atlantic Ocean waters, ride roller coasters at Disney World, explore Miami nightlife and even see an alligator. Just like Texas, a 13-week assignment with us is on average $30K to $40K and the cost of living is low!

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