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Registered Nurse - Post Partum job in San Francisco, California

  • Profession:Registered Nurse
  • Specialty:Post Partum
    • City:San Francisco
    • State:CA
    • Zip Code:94115
  • Status:Open
  • Term:Travel Order
  • Job Id:14270


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Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center in San Francisco, CA is ranked nationally in 1 adult specialty. It was also high-performing in 3 adult specialties. Kaiser Permanente San Francisco Medical Center is a 215-bed general medical and surgical facility with 12,539 admissions in the most recent year reported. It performed 3,485 annual inpatient and 7,258 outpatient surgeries. Its emergency room had 33,027 visits.

Nurses in postpartum perform a lot of assessments on new moms to make sure they are healing and recovering properly after giving birth. This may involve checking cesarean incisions or monitoring vital signs. Nurses also remove catheters, which may have been placed during a C-section, or change dressings. They also give pain medication and antibiotics as needed. In addition to caring for the mother, postpartum nurses also monitor babies to make sure they are healthy. Besides monitoring the recovery and health of mom and baby, postpartum nurses often provide education. Caring for a brand new little person can be a bit overwhelming, especially for new parents who do not have any experience with babies. Postpartum nurses may instruct new parents on all aspects of taking care of their baby. For example, nurses may teach new moms how to breastfeed, burp or bathe their new baby.

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