The saying “first impressions are important” is true. Making a good first impression can be difficult due to the nature of working in the medical field. Sometimes large and unpredictable workload can cause you to feel stressed and rushed. Caring for several patients is difficult, but making a good impression with every patient can go a long way. A great working relationship can build trust with your patient.

Be on time
Everyone’s time is valuable. Respecting your patients time by showing up on time for an appointment shows your patients that you are committed to them. Imagine how a patient can feel if you do not show up? Building trust and credibility is extremely important in a successful relationship.

Dress professional
Have you ever heard of the saying “never judge a book by its cover”? While we all know that, the truth is, people do judge you on how you look. Even if it is unintentional, it happens. When you are working in a medical environment, dressing well can really emphasize professionalism.

Here are some tips to maintain a professional look:

  • Make sure your uniform is clean and pressed
  • Keep it simple. Minimize big jewelry and makeup
  • Keep your nails short and clean
  • Wear clean shoes

Make Great Eye Contact
According to Psychology Today, making good eye contact can help build trust and persuade people to see your point of view. When you walk into a room, lock eyes with your patients and acknowledge them. Gaze for a few seconds, but do not stare. Having great eye contact is an indication of care, trust and openness.

Failing to make a great first impression does not mean you have ruined your chances of developing a great relationship with your patient. While it can take longer to build trust, it is not impossible. No one is perfect. Practice makes perfect. Just be conscious of these tips, and you will do great.

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