The demand for nurses will continue to increase during the next years. With a shortage of highly trained RNs, travel nursing jobs are on the rise.

Travel nurse assignment typically last 13 weeks, with a possibility of extension. Travel nurses are assigned to hospitals when there is a shortage of nurses to help fill the talent gaps.

The flexibility, well-paying jobs and ability to travel and see the world has made travel nursing an attractive option for many nurses. Travel nurses enjoy the perks of having their travel and living expense paid for and they also control their own schedule and holidays.

There are some major trends that will impact the travel nursing industry, which will help predict what is in store for the travel nursing industry.

Nursing Shortage Grows

There is already a shortage of nurses, and the gap continues to grow. As the current nursing workforce is reaching retirement, there are not enough young nurses to fill all the vacant positions. Per Bureau of Labor Statistics, through 2022, there is expected to be 1 million job vacancies for registered nurses, which means that there will be a high demand for travel nurses to help fill the talent gaps.

The demographics of our country and its changing healthcare needs will also affect the rising demand for RNs. The aging population is an all-time high, with more senior citizens who will need medical care and attention. According to U.S. Census data projections, by 2050, we will have over 88.5 million people over the age of 65.

Future trend: Because of nursing shortages, healthcare institutions will heavily rely on travel nurses and contractors to accommodate the aging population.

Affordable Care Act

Since the Affordable Care Act passed, over 20 million people gained health insurance coverage. Since this legislation, medical intuitions use travel nurses to accommodate the increase of patients.

Future trend: Since Trumps presidency, there is no telling the future of the Affordable Care Act. If he fulfills his promise to dismantle Obamacare, changes will most likely happen over time.

Bigger roles for nurses

As healthcare institutions look for effective ways to reduce costs, they are turning to advance nursing professional to take on larger roles so that fewer physicians are required. Hiring travel nurses help hospitals reduce costs that are associated with readmissions and costly medical benefits. Hiring skilled travel nurses has provided a solution to improving patient care.

Future trend: As the demand for specialty nurses increase, there will be a need for nurses who have the most up-to-date skills and certifications. It is not just about filling job vacancies. More importantly, it is about finding the right skilled professionals to meet the needs of the patients.

Based on high demand for skilled nurses, demographic trends, and an aging workforce, travel nurses will continue to find great work opportunities. If you are a nurse considering travel nursing as a career, or you are a travel nurse ready for your next assignment, feel free to fill out a “get started” form and one of our friendly Valley Team members will be in touch.

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