Effective communication in the workplace as a travel nurse is extremely important as it will help you be successful in your career. In today’s interview, we asked Nurse Mendoza to give advice on how you can be a great communicator as a nurse.

Here are 4 tips you can apply:

Ask for help

Don’t be afraid to ask your Teammates for help. If you need assistance with a patient, it is important you communicate it with your fellow nurses and doctors, so your patient can get the best care possible.

This rule even applies when you are looking for your travel nurse assignment. If you need help in obtaining your RN license in a state or getting started, our Team at Valley is here to assist you. We are literally just a phone call away.

How you say it

When speaking to others, it is important to be aware of your tone of voice. There are so many ways to communicate a message, but choosing your words carefully can help build trust and respect in a relationship.

Treat people with respect

In any situation, whether you are talking to a fellow nurse, patient, doctor or recruiter, it is important to treat others with respect. Effective communication cannot occur without mutual respect.

Be transparent

Lastly, it is important to be transparent with your thoughts. If you are talking to a recruiter, be honest about your needs, current employment situation and RN license status. When you are transparent, our recruiters can best cater to your needs, so you can have an amazing travel nurse experience.

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