Boost Your Career Through Travel Nursing

Travel nursing is a rewarding way to explore the country and meet new people, all while taking your nursing skills on the road (not to mention the pay boost!). It’s a great nursing career option, and many nurses do it for years. However, many nurses don’t do it for years – they take a couple assignments, and then go back to a “regular” nursing job. There’s nothing wrong with that. Whether you need a break from the monotony of a regular job, want to see more of the country, or both, travel nursing is a fantastic way to boost your career, even back at home. Here are a few ways travel nursing can pack some dynamite into your résumé.

You’re flexible

Orientation for travel assignments is shorter, and requires that the nurse be able to learn quickly in a new environment with different policies, procedures, and equipment locations. It’s likely that you’ll encounter several different charting systems in your travel career. Having several travel nursing assignments on your résumé tells potential employers that you are quick to adapt, and are flexible. Being comfortable with change is a huge asset to your career. Having a few travel assignments under your belt will demonstrate that you’re capable and confident when it comes to change and the need for flexibility.

You’re a team player

Being a travel nurse requires you to be able to function as a team player quickly. Facilities hire travel nurses because there is an immediate need for nurses on the unit. With a short orientation and less time to get to know fellow employees well first, travelers need to be able to participate as a team member quickly. Experienced travel nurses also know not to pull the “well, where I come from we did it this way” card. It’s necessary to be able to adapt to the new policies and procedures while also being able to participate as a team member.

You have experiences to share

As many travel nurses end up taking several assignments (if not doing it for a few years), you will probably see several different facilities. You’ll go through orientation for each of these. Each facility has a different way of doing things. Policies and procedures will be different, and workflows on each unit you experience will be different as well. You will have seen what works well, and what hasn’t worked well. These are all valuable ideas that can be contributed to units and teams that you will be a part of.

Being a travel nurse indicates to employers that you are flexible, a team player, and able to contribute ideas to the unit. These are qualities that employers search for in potential employees, and as you’ve been a travel nurse, you embody these qualities. You’ll also have many references who will be able to attest to your abilities. Adventures and travel aside, travel nursing is also a great career booster.
What’s not to love?