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We truly care about you and want to give you this valuable information about your amazing 401k Retirement Plan!  In return, please carefully review it, sign up, and by all means:

Don’t be one of the few to miss out by walking away from free money!

Helpful Information about your 401(k) Plan:

    • Outstanding Match: Valley matches 100% on your contributions up to a total of 5%


  • Modest Contribution: A $42 per week contribution for 1 year is estimated to:
    • Reduce your paycheck only by around $29
    • Yield $639 in annual tax savings
    • Produce annual balance of $4,368 ($2,184 contribution + $2,184 match)
    • With that 1 year of contribution alone, in 25 years at a 7% annual return:
      • Your $2,184 contribution produces a total balance of $23,706.99!   
  • Retirement Planning Tools: Here are some tools to help you calculate based on your situation:

If you’re having trouble, you can call our Benefits Team at (916) 779-1501. Or heck… even call the CEO, Steve, if you like, at (916) 505-7744. He’ll be glad to answer questions and help you, too!

For questions, call your personal financial adviser;
Jennifer Solis, CFP®
Education Consultant
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