If you are currently dating a nurse, then you will totally relate to this article.

If you are not, make a run to the nearest hospital because you are missing out.

#1. They will take care of you when you are sick

Nurses take care of people daily and are innately loving and caring. If you get sick or injured, you will be in great hands.

#2: They care

Compassion and kindness are key core values of nurses. They are genuinely concerned about you and give 110% in everything they do.

#3: They handle stress well

The saying “keep calm and carry on” is the mantra all nurses practice. They know how to think rationally and quickly when a crisis strikes. If you have an anxiety attack, your nurse partner would be right by your side to calm you down and help you through the tough times.

#4: They are great listeners

Nurses have the art of listening down. Every day they go to work listening to their patient’s life and family stories, needs and more. Most relationships end because of poor communication. Dating a nurse will solve that problem because they are great listeners.

#5: They can keep up

A nurse’s life is filled with stress and constant change. They may not have time to take long runs in the morning, but they are constantly running or briskly walking down hospital corridors.  Expect your nurse partner to keep up with you, plus more.

#6: They are tough

Nurses deal with blood, internal organs and bodily fluids that would make most people squeamish. You will never hear them complain and say “eww” or “yuck” because they have seen worse. Instead, expect to be with tough strong people.

#7: They are smart

Surviving nursing school requires a lot of brains to pass. Understanding medical terminology is like learning to speak another language. After passing nursing school, they enter the battlefields of real life nursing, where they continue to use their emotional and intellectual intelligence to help others.

#8: They know C.P.R

If your life is ever in danger, they will know how to save you. Enough said.

#9: They are like unicorns

Nurses are like unicorns, magical and majestic. If you catch one, consider yourself lucky! If you spot one, don’t let them go.