Become a Travel Nurse with Valley

Do you like going on adventures and trying new things? Do you want to enhance and develop your medical skills? If you said yes to both questions, travel nursing is for you. Here are 5 reasons why you should try travel nursing.

Where do you want to go?

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Explore new areas

This is probably one of the most obvious reasons why nurses get into the travel nursing career. You are probably thinking, TRAVEL nurse…DUH, how obvious. But seriously, travel nursing creates endless opportunities for you to explore the world and live in various places for at least 13 weeks. 13 weeks is enough time for you to get to know an area and experience the culture. The best part about being a travel nurse is that you can have multiple assignments and live in multiple places.

Enjoy flexibility and freedom

When you travel with Valley, you choose your assignments and where you want to go. The flexibility of your schedule is a luxury that most people don’t have. Take advantage of this golden opportunity to be in complete control of your life.

Avoid burnout

Being a nurse in general is tough. You are constantly carrying for others and always on the go. This can get tiring and cause you to burn out early in your career. If you become a travel nurse, you can take brakes in-between assignments. Even moving from location to location for different travel assignments is exciting and will keep you from being bored or tired of the same routine.

Make Great Money

As a travel nurse, you get paid to explore the world and do what you love most. At Valley, you could make up to $3,000 per week!

Develop your skill

Working in different medical facilities and meeting different mentors along the way can really help develop your skills. You will learn how to effectively communicate with different people. Plus, learning from different healthcare professionals will only enhance your nursing skills. Not only will you gain new skills, but the title of being a “Travel Nurse” looks impressive on your resume.