Top Apps for travel nurses

At Valley Healthcare Staffing, we love using the most cutting edge technology, mobile applications and gadgets because we know how precious time is. We have some valuable life hacks to make your assignments as a travel nurse as seamless and smooth as possible. To help you keep organized and efficient, we recommend downloading these 5 applications on your phone.

#1: Hotel Tonight

Stressed about where to stay? Don’t be! Hotel Tonight is great for last minute hotel bookings. You can book hotel rooms day of and save up to 70% on each booking. Hotel Tonight has hotels in more than 65 cities across North America and Europe. Eliminate the stress of trying to figure out last minute places to stay. Download the app here.

#2: Rest Stop Plus

If you decide to take a road trip when traveling in between assignments, you will find the Rest Stop Plus app useful. This app has over 4,000 welcome centers, service plazas, scenic vistas, rest areas and turn outs in the USA and Canada. Not only are the spots mapped out, but the app provides details about service and amenities for each location. You can use this app to find locations that are pet friendly, have wi-fi, vending machines, bathrooms, and picnic tables. Download the app here.

#3: Expensify

This is a great tool to help you stay organized while you travel. Expensify allows you to manage and document your expenses. Plus, you can email your “expense report” to yourself so you can use it on your taxes at the end on the year. Download the app here.

#4: Box

We love using With Box, you can have your files at your fingertips. Eliminate the hassle of trying to find your files, photos, videos, documents and notes. When you use Box, you will have offline access to files and folders, so you can always get what you need whenever you need it. Download the app here.

#5: TurboScan

As we all know, when you are starting a new assignment there is a lot of paper work involved. TurboScan can help convert your documents into high quality PDFs. It is very simple to use the app, simply take a photo of your document and BAM, they are now a PDF. Download the app here.

5 Must Have Tech Savvy Apps for Travel Nurses