Do you want to sharpen your medical knowledge and skills? Do you like having fun?

If you said yes to both questions, then keep on reading. We have 5 game apps that you can download on your smartphone, so you can play them whenever you have downtime. These games will help you with your managements skills, quiz you on your medical knowledge, and they are fun!

#1: Happy Nurse

You can play Happy Nurse on an iOS system (iPhone) or online. In this game, you will create a nurse avatar, and then you will race against time while overcoming obstacle course in a hospital.

#2: Brain Scan

For only $.99, you can buy this educational and fun trivia game designed by a nurse. Bran Scan will quiz you on medical terms and ask you medical questions. If you are a nursing student, you will want to check out this app.

#3. My Clinic

Have you ever wondered what is it like to manage your own clinic? My Clinic, is a game where you manage your very own clinic. You oversee hiring personals, buying new equipment, treating patients and more.

#4. Nursing IQ

This time-based trivia game will really sharpen your nursing knowledge. Nursing IQ was made by nurses and it has over 40 levels you can play! This app is also another great studying tool for nursing students.

#5. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis/strong

Assess your clinical knowledge in this risk-free environment. Prognosis: Your Diagnosis has a series of clinical scenarios and new ones are released weekly. Learn and have fun all in one!

5 Fun Nurse Game Apps