How to be strong for your patients physically and emotionally

Being a nurse requires both emotional and physical strength. In the video above, Edgar Mendoza, talks about what is required to have emotional strength. In this blog article, I will be discussing exercises you should try to include into your daily routine to stay physically strong. As a nurse, it is important to stay strong so you do not get injured on the job and for your own health. Poor physical health can increase your blood pressure, the risk of heart disease, lead to diabetes and more.

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Squats are a wonderful way to build strength in your quads. The balance required to squat will also force your brain to be active and engaged the whole time.

To properly do this exercise, you will place your feet shoulder-width apart with straight arms out in front of you. Engage your quads and slowly drop your butt until your quads are almost parallel to the floor. Then engage in your quads to push yourself back into a standing position. The slower you do this, the more challenging this pose is.

Jumping Jacks

Remember when you did these back in 8th grade? Well it turns out that jumping jacks are great for you! They help with cardio, strengthens your legs and coordination.

As a refresher, start with standing and placing your feet together with your arms by your side. Next, raise your arms above your head and jump at the same time. You should jump high enough, so you are able to spread your feet out. Then, just reverse the steps, and you will be right back to where you started. Try to do 10 to 15 jumping jacks at a time. The stronger you are, the less you will need to take a break in-between jumps.


Planks can be very challenging, but rewarding. Planks focus on strengthening your core. If you want to have a 6-pack, you should try this move out.

Begin by lying down on the floor face down. Next get into a push-up position. Make sure you keep your butt tucked and push off strong with your forearms. The goal is to be parallel to the ground and be elevated 6 to 12 inches. Start by holding the plank for 15 seconds, then 30 seconds, then 1 minute… you get the point. Just remember, steel abs come from hard work.

Please note, that these exercises should not be a substitute for going to the gym, but something you should do to build your strength. Taking care of your body will lead to longevity and good health.