My name is Edgar Mendoza, and I am a travel nurse with Valley Healthcare Staffing. Today, I wanted to talk to you about 3 tips that will help you have a successful nursing career.

#1. Choose Valley

If you are considering a travel nurse career, I highly recommend you work with Valley Healthcare Staffing because they have an incredible Team. When you work with Valley, they will work with you 24/7 around the clock to make sure you find your dream assignment. I loved that notifications for hot jobs are immediately sent my way. As a result, I am currently living my dream job in San Diego.

#2. Be Smart

As a nurse, we must be smart with our decisions so we can provide the best patient care. I often ask myself, “How do I keep my patient safe?”

When I am on shift, I am always assessing the patient’s airway, breathing and circulations. I use the acronym ADPIE, which stands for Assessing, Diagnosing, Planning, Implementing plan of care and Evaluation of the patient. Pair this with effective communication between your medical doctors or intensivist in the ICU.

#3. Knowing where you want to go

You are in charge of your travel nursing experience. It is totally up to you as an individual to decide what adventures you want to take. Take some time to research areas of interest. When I travel, I like to call it a mini Nurse Vacation aka (NurseCation). We have so many choices, you could even visit all 50 states if you wanted to.

Where do you want to go?

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